Q.  Can I recycle any type of cardboard that I have? 
A.  The only type of cardboard that Georgia Tech recycles is corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard has three layers, with a wavy layer in the middle (i.e. moving boxes).  We do not recycle pizza boxes or any other cardboard that is contaminated by food.  Fiberboard, such as cereal boxes and cracker boxes, should be placed in the mixed office paper container.

Q.  What can go into the mixed paper container? 
A.  Almost any type of paper that you have can go into the mixed paper container.  This includes computer paper, notebook paper, colored paper, construction paper, junk mail, glossy paper, newspaper, manila folders, sticky notes, and paperboard.  Staples and paper clips do not need to be removed. Do not put napkins or other food contaminated paper, tissues, corrugated cardboard, or plastic or padded shipping envelopes in the mixed paper container.

Q.  What about paper towels and tissues? 
A.  We do not recycle paper towels, tissues, or any type of food contaminated paper.  Place them in the trash can or compost when available.

Q.  What kind of plastic can I recycle on campus? 
A.  You can recycle rigid plastic bottles and containers. Make sure the bottle or container is empty prior to recycling. Please rinse off any food residue. No plastic bags, plastic film, or polystyrene foam. 

Q.  Can I leave the caps on plastic bottles? 
A.  Yes, caps are accepted, leave them on the bottle.

Q.  Can I recycle plastic bags from the grocery store?  What if it has the number two on the bag? 
A. Plastic bags are not accepted in traditional recycling, but can be dropped off at specialty bins located at the Kendeda Building and campus Post Office.

Q.  Do I have to take the labels off of plastic bottles and glass containers? 
A.  No, you can leave the labels on all plastic bottles and glass containers.

Q.  Where can I recycle glass? 
A.  Clear, green, and brown glass can be taken to the recycling center, Greek Neighborhood recycling areas, or blue carts near residential halls. 

Q.  What can I put in the aluminum can recycling bins? 
A. The aluminum can recycling bins are for aluminum beverage cans only or clean aluminum trays.